Make Email Better for You

Configue one time and use for ever — All the emails’ configuration of users are based on the cloud.

New Conversation Type

New Conversation Type provides a conversation view by mail sender or by subject, grouping messages together and allowing you to reply “inline”.

Mail Account Setup in Cross-platform

For the email accounts setup,  once it is configured in one FutuShow client, you can immediately use them in any other FutuShow clients directly.

Customize Your Email to Other Services

You can share links of large files instead of sending them as a message attachment; or filter the emails between you and your contact more faster.


Multi-platform for File Management in Cloud

You can add cloud drives or Ftp/SFtp/WebDAV server in FutuShow, and drag and drop your files among them like a piece of cake!

Access Principal Cloud Drives

Access both public cloud drives and hybrid cloud drives such as: Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Amazon S3, Aliyun OSS.

Cross-platform for File Transfer

Fast and reliable cross-platform to support FTP, SFTP and WebDAV protocol with lots of useful features, e.g you can easily upload or download files between SFTP and Google Drive.

Smart Upload and Download

FutuShow client can recognize the changes of the files located in local and cloud, and introduce user the best suggestion that can avoid uploading or downloading the same files repeatedly.

futushow_cloud drive_1

Re-shape the Contacts Management

You can find the info of your contacts such as emails, notes, files etc in the shortest time, and manage them in your own cloud drive!

Better Concentration for Contacts Info

FutuShow client concentrate and classify all the key info of your contacts in one screen, and you can easily to find the related emails, notes, files that you want.

One-click to Trace the Contact’s Email

You single out all related email just between you and one of your contact by simply clicking on the contact.

Easy File Management for Each Contact

FutuShow client make a solo directory in your cloud drives for each of your contacts, in which you can upload or download the files for all your contacts independently.