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About FutuShow

FutuShow brings a new, flexible and secure solution to both individual and companies customers for working. Currently based on the FutuShow platform we provide the 3 main function modules to manage your normal daily works(individual or companies): Contacts management, Cloud file management and Mail management. We are definitely sure that your daily working efficiency will be highly improved with the supports of FutuShow.

For example, if your company has around 20 persons, with FutuShow platform you can create the company organization management system for your compay in roughly 30 minitues by yourself, and the maintenance and usage are both very easy. In additon, you can also manage your contact in a new way— to see all the email just for one contact and see the cloud file systems just for the contact. What’s more, you can easily add your different email accounts and file system accounts such as google cloud, onedrive, dropbox, aws, aliyun into FutuShow system, and manage your files in those files systems as you want.

As for FutuShow, our premise is that everyone can manage all the fragment information in one area. Meanwhile, we bring you the most secure solution to save and manage your private information.

In the future, expect many upgrades to our systems, as we stay abreast of the latest flexible and security technology and do everything we can to improve your efficiency and continue to earn your trust.

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