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Organization Management

Easy organization creation

Easily create organization to:

  • build the organization of your company or team from top layer departments to low layer
  • define the role which includes the employees from different departments as a team for any purpose

Easy Authorization

Easily authorize the contacts, cloud drives and mail accounts of your company to be accessed by:

  • one employee
  • one department
  • the whole company
  • one role including employees from different departments

Account transfer

Easily transfer the company resources such as contacts and files from one user to another when responsibilities change.

Quick sharing to contacts

If your contacts also use FutuShow clients, you can make quick sharing with your documents from the cloud drives.

Key Features

Seamless cloud operation

You can drag and drop files seamlessly between any source and target:

  • local drive – cloud drive
  • one cloud drive – another cloud drive
  • mail attachments – local drive
  • … – …

Granular permissions control

You can manage access and sharing controls for any files folder in your cloud drives such as:

  • folder
  • sub-folder
  • the path directory (URL) of the folder

Smart Upload and Download

FutuShow client can recognize the changes of the files located in local and cloud, and introduce user the best suggestion that can avoid uploading or downloading the same files repeatedly.

Manage cloud drives in demand

Your company or team can add cloud drives as much as you need, and then manage them as a whole.

Easy sharing

Easily share folders in your cloud drives to the employee of other companies, or other individual.

File backup

You can easily drag and drop to backup files from one cloud drive to another, or between local and cloud drive.

Value-added Functions

Raid backup

Raid function can simplify your cloud files backup with just one-click. You can add the following cloud drives as source/target in Raid:

  • google drive
  • onedrive
  • amazon S3
  • aliyun OSS

Convenient widgets

FutuShow client provides following convenient widgets, to make drag and drop files more easily from one place to another:

  • file explore
  • cloud explore
  • local file manager

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